5 October 2017

How to squash and stretch a ball in Krita

How to squash and stretch a ball in Krita

Last time we have talked of timing and spacing. We have learned that timing is the duration of an action of our animation. A bad timing can give a bad feeling to our animations, instead spacing can give a correct equilibrium between fast and slow movements to get a better physic to the animation. Today instead we will give a look to the squash and stretch.

To give more emphasis to an action, sometimes is good to apply an exaggeration to some actions. We can take the previous example of a bouncing ball. While the ball is moving down, the ball can stretch. When the ball hit the ground, can squash. This will give the illusion of a more accurate action. In this third tutorial we are going to do a rough animation where to apply these two principles of animation.

This is what you will realize:

And here you have the video tutorial:

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